FREE Employer Approved Onsite Consultations

A Unique Benefit for Your Employees


  • Review of current coverages and premiums
  • Needs Analysis of employee’s personal lines exposures (risks)
  • Competitive quoting through patented software shopping up to 15 carriers

Santo Insurance will never push products. We are strictly a customer focused agency and address the market based on Your employees’ needs. Our questions will revolve around the individual consumer’s insurance and healthcare needs, rather than the needs of the insurance carriers.


Your employees and their families… Santo has their best interests in mind!

One of the most important components of running a successful business is keeping employees happy and providing them with enough incentive to maximize their productivity. Providing them with a unique way to gain access to the best coverage available AND save money helps you look like a hero! By creating opportunity for your employees, it shows that you have their best interests in mind and value their job performance.


We can set-up for a full day or a few hours making ourselves available during your employees’ breaks and lunch times. Or, invite us to present at one of your staff meetings.


Your company conference room, break room, cafeteria or other.


As an employer, you can offer an employee benefit that doesn’t cost a dime, yet enhances your ability to retain quality workers. Your company is providing a benefit that your employee can’t get anywhere else-an ‘ease of convenience’ payment plan for different lines of insurance sold by several different insurance companies brought together in one place by Santo Insurance.


Our team of licensed professionals will come to your place of work and offer a private consultation with any employee who would like a FREE insurance review. We can answer questions about current coverage, provide information on additional lines needed, or offer tips for lowering annual premiums, or taking advantage of payment options making insurance more affordable.