General & Excess Liability Insurance

generall and excess liability insurance photoGeneral Liability Insurance is important for business owners to financially protect themselves against any workplace accidents. Mishaps on the job can result in expensive lawsuits that, if unprotected, could potentially ruin a company financially.

At Santo Insurance, we want your business to be protected for when the unexpected occurs and your employees are harmed. Our specialists will work with you and your existing policies, such as Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Property Insurance, to find a coverage that makes the most sense for your business.

Protect your business by finding the best coverage for your workplace.

Excess Liability Insurance should also be considered

Excess Liability Insurance, also known as a Commercial Umbrella Policy, is coverage that is activated when all your existing coverage has been exhausted. When a job accident happens and a lawsuit is filed, Excess Liability Insurance can protect you when the legal costs exceed your existing coverage.

At Santo Insurance, we help you coordinate your existing policies with Excess Liability Insurance. The unexpected can happen at any time, and for those times when your insurance policy needs to be more than it is, Excess Liability Insurance will have you covered.

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