Surety and Fidelity Bonds

surety and fidelity bondsIn any business, circumstances may arise that require special attention and show that you are performing as promised. Surety Bonds are a way to protect your company against losses resulting from failure to meet business obligations.

At Santo Insurance, we can write a variety of these bonds for your business, ranging from performance and payment bonds to liquor licenses. Our licensed, professional bond agents have the experience and flexibility to meet the unique needs of your business to ensure the utmost consideration of your assets.

Fidelity bonds give your business added protection from internal threats such as theft and dishonesty. If your business is not adequately covered, these losses can be devastating. Fidelity bonds can be written to cover most business assets from money and personal belongings to computers and other expensive business equipment.

Our specialists can write different types of fidelity bonds for your business, such as ERISA bonds, employee dishonesty bonds and business service bonds. Our agents can assist you and your business with selecting the correct bonds for your particular needs and provide the best protection against the unexpected.

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